Brighten your career with us!

Help us push boundaries, innovate, and redefine the world of interactive storytelling. If you want to make an impact and challenge yourself, join our team. We are driven by design, technology, and the magic moment when concepts come to life. And all the magices make just because of employees and we believe that employees are the back bone of an organization. They are the most important people that contribute to a company’s growth. We offer professional as well as friendly environment to the employees. We inspire the employees to out in their best efforts for all the projects. Personally we are fill that they all employees are member of the siliconbrain family.

We follow a transparent approach with our employees. People are free to ask questions to the colleagues and seniors. Regardless of the seniority and position, the employees can ask questions and clarify their doubts about the company, projects, etc.


Each year, Siliconbrain offers internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students from around the world. We provide mentorship and collaboration through diverse projects to students across all disciplines for two- to six-month internships.

Interested students should send a resume, cover letter, and proposed internship to us at Depending on the type of internship being requested, portfolios samples may be requested to round out the review process.


For recent graduates or those exploring new careers, we offer six-month apprenticeships. Apprentices work under a senior designer, developer to hone their skills and explore professional opportunities in their field.

Interested individuals should send a resume, cover letter, and availability details to us at For design apprenticeships, a design portfolio for review is required. For development positions, code samples should be provided. For all other positions, please provide any supplemental material that speaks to your experience.